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My first earthquake drill

I got to take part in my first ever earthquake drill. It's basically a fire alarm drill with one entertaining addition but we'll get to that later. For now, all you need to know is some dude ushers you out of your room, then out through the fire escape door - slamming it shut behind you, with the sound of a lock catching. I'm not sure what would happen if I suddenly needed to go back the way I came, but whatever. The plan now is to dash down about a zillion sets of stairs:   Unfortunately, the ledge thing signifying a new floor pretty much took the top of my head off as it was way too low. That would be one of these things: I was making good progress despite my smashed up skull, although I was a little bit startled (mostly confused) when some random hotel dude jumped out at me on floor eight, pointed and yelled "DAT BLING, SIR" then jumped back behind his door. What I didn't know was the place was also scheduled for a fogging, which means people

The Mall: now with all new and improved space zombies

I think someone played a little too much Dead Space ...

Interesting store names at the SM Mall of Asia...

I doubt I caught every strange / odd / humorous / wtf name in this place , but let's see what I did end up with. First, a vendor that clearly based their name on the WWE wrestling song from the 90s, Slam Jam: You can see what they did there (along with mashing up spam and jam in one terrifying mixture, hopefully). Taking it to the next level (literally, because it was on the next floor up) is this brilliantly named store: Now with 100% more cock, everybody. I think the winner in this little competition, though, has to be this food place: Way to go, guys. Way to go.

Crazy Crepes

While staggering around the SM Mall of Asia , a little food stall called Crazy Crepes popped up on the horizon and said "Eat some of our stuff". I hate to let people down, especially when they're throwing food like this at me: You can watch them make these glorious slices of nommage in front of you, and yes - the food you end up with actually does look like the items on display. In addition to the raspberry choco, I also had one of these: Worth. Every. Penny.

My trip to the SM Mall of Asia

On the same day this dude hiked his way up the tallest peak in Indochina, I was wandering around one of the biggest malls in the World because that's just how I roll. A lot of these pictures are blurry to some degree, as a huge mall with anything up to 200,000 people marching through it in a day under poor lighting conditions isn't ideal (and my camera sucks - yes, I'm blaming the tools) but in a nutshell most of the four buildings glued together to make this mall look all shiny like this: The place is stuffed with every kind of shop / resto / cinema / ice rink and dog show you could imagine. Wait, ice rink and dog show? Yep. Apparently they also have firework displays here every night too. You know what? YOUR MALL WINS. Random snapshot time: At the entrance, they have a pretty amazing LEGO map of the Philippines: Elsewhere, bookshops and comic shops were common (although many stores with "comics" in the name carried no comics at all, onl

Movie Time in Plantilla

So hey, the seats in the cinema were the greatest cinema seats I've ever parked my behind in. The ones in the more expensive places are even better, aparently. The ones here were like big spongy things that tilted back and looked for all the World like they'd been ripped out of a jeep or something. The arm rests are amazingly hard and uncomfortable, though not enough to detract from the joy my behind felt while bouncing around on the seat. Oh, right. Uh, the movie was Rise of the Planet of the Apes and it was awesome. But really: BEST CINEMA SEATS EVER.

Your escalator does what now?

I had a bit of a surprise when I wandered into a shopping mall, due to the escalators not having any steps. As it turns out, this is so you can move between floors with a large shopping trolley. In case you were wondering, the trolleys lock magnetically to the escalator so you can't "accidentally" squish someone below you with ten gallons of coke or whatever. They only get four stars out of five as a result. Still pretty neat though.



Dodge This

Or not. Probably "not". Apparently you have to walk slowly crossing roads, because if you speed up the drivers take that as the sign to speed up too. How about I just construct a cannon and fire myself across in that instead?

Eleven hours of fun in Guangzhou Airport

I'd like to say I had the best flight ever with China Southern airlines, and that my stay at Guangzhou airport was the most fun I'd had in ages. I would. However, I'd be a great big stupid liar so let's get this failtrain rolling. It all started a few months back when I booked a bunch of longhaul flight ticket things. Three airports (well, four if you count the one I end up at), three planes and a big load of messing around. Here comes a laundry list of fail: 1) A little while after purchasing the tickets, it became obvious the trip would need to be quite a bit longer than originally envisaged. Most airlines will happily move a return date around if needed for a small fee. Not China Southern. After being told initially by the company I bought the tickets through that they did it, they then told me "lol nope" and I was stuck with a suckass return ticket that was a big stinky waste of money. Cue another return ticket purchased for a later date - t

Mental note: never try a Beta again

I'm sort of "meh" on hacker games really, as they all pretty much do the same thing: reduce it to "click a box, watch a meter count down and then you've hacked it". Uplink is entertaining for a while, but hack one machine and you've hacked them all. Thought I'd try Duality - after ten seconds, I have a crazy mouse pattern onscreen and I've completed a level. I didn't do anything. Maybe I beat the hidden "Draw a picture with my mouse" level or whatever.


I've posted this elsewhere, but really - look at it. One of the best things with the stuff I've seen in a long time. I wanted more distance shots from the above, though - too many closeups. Let me see the whole thing already!

Tips for Atom Zombie Smasher

I had a few whines about this game , and it seems a lot of other people have had the same problems. Step forward, useful forum post .

Neon Glowstick Blender Art

I don't think anything needs to be added, really. Apart from "Wow".

Batman: The Last Laugh

The acting isn't great, the guy playing the Joker seems to think doing a risible attempt at a laugh passes for characterisation and it has a nothing ending. Despite this, the fight sequences are straight up real life versions of those found in Arkham Asylum . And it has a Batpod. A very slow Batpod. All the same, a brilliant fanmade effort.

Atom Zombie Smasher Review

15 hours in two weeks (less, actually) pretty much tells you all you need to know about Atom Zombie Smasher (£5.99 on Steam ). 1) I like it. 2) It has zombies in it. 3) I get to kill millions of zombies. Atom Zombie Smasher is a cheap and entertaining top down “make the little dots move around and kill other dots” strategy / resource management effort. The pink dots are the zombies. The yellow dots are the people. Save x amount of people before the time runs out with your helicopter or they all get eaten, or finish the level by wiping out the zombies before nightfall. Click to Enlarge The campaign gives you a map filled with terrorities (they all look the same though, which is a bit of a wasted opportunity). Click to Enlarge Each one has a number attached to it, the higher the number the more zombies you’ll find. As the game progresses, the game will change things up a bit with landscape hazards, tougher zombies, equipment malfunctions, shorter days and so on. You'

The Humble Indie Bundle: Some Interesting Stats

Image Now that you've clicked the above link, bought some games and donated your money to whoever you like (game devs, EFF, Child's Play and so on) I think this is worth looking at: We need to have a little talk, Windows users.

Pottermore: Expecto Riddikulus!

Harry Potter scams, everybody! Click to Enlarge Not a fan of Harry Potter myself, but whatever. Go here and see all the stupid stuff your kids shouldn't be doing. If they are doing it, Expulsior Slapify them round the ear and send them on their way.

Get the shopping in...

Two awesome ways to shop: 1) Shopping cart with tablets built in that work with an app you download to your phone. Lots of real time shopping frolics commence! 2) Photographs of items on subway walls that you can scan with your phone , and have Tesco deliver to your door once you get in. Notice how most of the items are duplicated - they don't have to be, but then it wouldn't look like a supermarket shelf and might put commuters off using it. Hopefully I'm right and now I look really clever.

Papercraft on fire off the shoulder of Orion

Click to Enlarge Marshall Alexander does all sorts of amazing paper work. The above Bladerunner piece is the one that got me hooked, although the Monolith is my favourite. Check out his Tumblr , too. Then print stuff out and make things!

Currently listening to...Little Dragon

Latest tracks by Little Dragon I'm very impressed by this band. There's a lot of additional music here , too.

Post It Note Art

So, this is awesome.