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A Sleeping Dogs OST Purchasing Extravaganza

I've mentioned Sleeping Dogs before , but one of the best parts of the game - the soundtrack - is also one of the most frustrating. A combination of low availability and baffling Amazon listings makes it a fair trek around the block to simply buy some of the music on offer. Worse still, many of the tracks are listed as being sung / composed by what I can only assume are fictitious, in-game entity style characters who you won't find within a million miles of HMV or wherever by virtue of the fact that they're the creation of "Some music person in a sound studio somewhere". Does anybody know who sings the parts of  Vivienne Lu , of "Yellow Fever" fame, for example? I've no idea. Nobody seems to know for sure , although if this post is accurate then it definitely isn't Lucy Liu. Similar issues abound for many of the in-game tracks, especially when dealing with some of the stations such as "Soft". Well, fret no more because I put a fair