Speaking Engagements

If you're interested, below is a list of all the conferences I've given a talk at. I've left smaller events off, but I have included a guest lecture spot at a University as it was a fun thing to do. A few of the below have video / audio / recording - I've included a link where appropriate, and have also included links to articles which may add some context to the various presentations.

2005 CNET Antispyware Conference (US, California) [Pics] (Attendee only)

2006 Antispyware Coalition Conference (US) Tracking Spyware Across Borders [Pics]
Maneesha Mithal, FTC
Chris Boyd, FaceTime
Katherine Tassi, Washington State AG

2007 Antispyware Coalition Conference (US) Internationalization of Spyware [Blog post], [Pics]
Chris Boyd – Facetime
Lindsey Wegrzyn – Earthlink
John Levine - CAUCE

2007 RSA
(US) Botnet Live: Chris Boyd & Wayne Porter [EWeek], [CNET], [Pics]

2007 InfoSec Europe (London) - Botnet Attacks [Pics]

2008 RSA (US) Echo boom hackers: Chris Boyd & Robert Vamosi [3 part article: [1], [2], [3], [Pics]

2008 - InfoSec Europe (London) - Social Networking in the workplace

2008 Antispyware Coalition Conference (US) CSI Malware [Blog post], [Pics]
Alex Eckelberry, Sunbelt Software
Chris Boyd, FaceTime Security Labs
Lance James, Secure Science Corporation
Cindy Southworth, NNEDV
Luke Erickson, FTC

2009 SecTor (Canada) Game Over Man: Gamers Under Fire [Video], [Pics], [Pics 2]

2009 InfoSec Europe The Rise of Business in Web 2.0 [Pics]

2010 HacKidCon (US, Boston) Safe(r) Gaming [Blog post 1], [Blog post 2], [Pics]

2010 IRISSCON (Ireland) Plugging a 2.0 Gap [Pics], [Blog], [Content summary]

2011 RSA Europe Videogame Consoles: Threats to Workplace Security [News], [Blog 1], [Blog 2]

2011 VB2011 (Barcelona) Web Browsers: A history of rogues [Abstract], [Slides], [Blog post]

2011 RootCon 5 (PH) Console (In)Security: The Oncoming Storm [Slides], [Pics], [Pics 2],[Blog]

2012 IRISSCON (Ireland) You Fumbld Your Tumbl [PPT - Direct DL]

2012 RSA (US) A Timeline of Disaster [Youtube - Follow up student audience session], [Blog]

2012 Rootcon 6 (PH) AdverGaming the System [Slides], [Pics], [Pics 2], [Blog], [5 part study]

2013 RootCon 7 (Philippines) Ouroboros [Talks list], [Presentation Direct DL (PDF)], [Pics],
Chris Boyd
Jovi Umawing

2014 Northumbria University Working in Infosec [PPT Direct DL]

2015 BSides London The Writey Writer's Guide to Writing Writerly [Roundup post]

2015 IRISSCON (Ireland) Bad Ads

2016 IP Expo (Manchester) The Future of Cybersecurity [Youtube]
Chris Boyd - Malwarebytes
Dr Daniel Dresner
Lee Barney
Paul Ducklin

2016 Infosec Europe (UK, booth presentation) The Threat Landscape [Periscope], [Roundup post]

2016 VB 2016 (Denver) Uncovering the secrets of Malvertising [Slides]
Chris Boyd - Malwarebytes
Jerome Segura - Malwarebytes

2016 SANS European Security Awareness Summit (London) Tackling CFO Fraud

2016 IRISSCON (Ireland) Always read the EULAAARGH

2017 BSides Edinburgh Privacy Policies: The realm of the legible word salad [Video]

2017 Steelcon (Sheffield) Mahkra ni Orroz [Video]

2017 BSides Manchester Malvertising: under the hood [Video]

2017 VB2017 (Madrid) Exploring the Virtual Worlds of Advergaming


2017 IRISSCON (Ireland) Mahkra ni Orroz

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