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The Best of 2012

My favourite five games of 2012. Why five? Don't know. In order? Not really. More questions? Probably not. 1) Sleeping Dogs . If you've dabbled in the wonders of Hong Kong for any length of time (or China in general) you'll have had a whale of a time with Sleeping Dogs. The acting was top rate, and though they didn't push the policeman / triad schism far enough it still did enough to be one of my entries here. Shame the DLC looks to be the all too common "cheap pricepoint and little content" so beloved of most games around these days. Fighting tournaments and "spooky" Halloween events? Bleh. You have a rock solid storyline to flesh out, guys. Don't waste it. After a wonderful experience on console, this game almost soured me completely due to the infamous hkshop.exe error on PC (go Google it, then weep). In fact, this sounds more like a rant about things I hate than "my top games" so I'll shut up now.   2) FTL . A powerh

UPlay and Far Cry 3: This is not how you should distribute your content

If I hadn't received Far Cry 3 for free via a deal on a graphics card, I'd be pretty annoyed about the large timesink that was redeeming / downloading / activating the game via the joys of UPlay. For such a featureless, bare bones "game client" it sure does make things a confusing mess of "what the hell just happened". So here's the thing. 1) I have to fill out a bunch of info on the AMD website to get hold of a "special redeem key". I'm told to go to the UPlay site, register / login and enter the code after dropping FC3 into the cart. 2) There's a whole selection of versions of the game with various extras added (or not), and of course there's no indication which version of the game the code works with. I get it right on the second attempt. 3) Despite being a free game, the Ubisoft store wants me to enter payment info - without which, I can't proceed. Uhh....okay? I guess? 4) I hit the purchase button, and I'