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I really enjoyed Skyfall, but some things bugged the hell out of me - not least of which, how two movies on the gritty realism of Casino Royale has been replaced by the gritty realism of Moonraker. In no particular order, a list of things: 1) The Daniel Craig comedy run, currently vying for a photo finish with Tom Cruise for the Gold Medal in STOP RUNNING LIKE THAT. 2) Somehow Mr Blond Wig manages to drop an entirely empty train (not counting the driver) through a hole in the Underground in the middle of rush hour. Haha, yeah good luck with that. If the shot was too tricky to pull off, just angle it so you can't see inside the carriages for crying out loud. I at least wanted to see some people going aaaaaaargh or whatever. 3) Bond has this horribly messed up arm / shoulder thing going on, so he decides the best course of pursuit is to hang from the bottom of an elevator that goes up what looks like a six mile long shaft. Also, he couldn't have had any way of knowing