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When Chrome apps attack

Or extensions or whatever you call them. Anyway, I noticed my PC has been dying a death recently, and with the launch of G+ things just got worse. I had it pointed out to me by my rather awesome co-blogger that apps / extensions / whatever all had their own processes running, even the ones that weren't on your app bar but were still enabled. Come to think of it, I had gone install crazy with the G+ apps and sure enough: Whoops. Six billion disabled / uninstalled items later (including one which was disabled but somehow hogging memory anyway) my PC is back to normal. Thanks, awesome co-blogger, for schooling me in the ways of not being stupid.


Everyone loves Batman. Not everyone loves a Batscam , though. You can see what I did there.  

My song of the day is....

White Sea: Cannibal Love (School of Seven Bells Remix) by hardcandymusic This song is so awesomely awesome words fail me.

Asobi Seksu: Pink Light

Free music - Pink Light Probably the best song from the last album.

Me Gusta Trek

Sometimes these things just come to me.

A trip to the osteopath...

Today we're going to talk about my ass. Stay with me on this one. See, you may  think  I'm an indestructible fist pumping God of destruction, but you'd only be halfway right. Bits of me get injured, damaged and occasionally fall off like everyone else. A month or so ago, I made the horrible mistake of sleeping on an airbed for a few nights placed on a hard laminate floor. Never sleep on an airbed placed on a hard laminate floor. I woke up at about 2AM, wondering why my body was in a "V" shape. Turns out the airbed had decided to lose some air, but only at the point where my sexy behind was located. As a result, my ass was squished onto the floor, with all of my body weight pressing down on it from both raised ends, cartoon style, into the wood for something like six or seven hours. I have no idea how I didn't wake up sooner. Anyway, I was okay for a few days and then OH GOD THE PAIN. Couldn't sit down, much less walk. And then it stuck around. You know the

My Fallout New Vegas bug gets a few eyeballs

News to me, but then I gave up caring about referral logs years ago. That's right kids, I JUST KEEP ON BREAKING THE RULES. Anyway, covered my experience with a surreal glitch in Fallout New Vegas here . I also found this in my referral logs: "Why gamers opinion on FF13 is worthless". Is that you, Yoshinori Kitase? 

The Suicidal Videogame

A few years ago someone  made a game called Lose / Lose that deleted system files if you played badly. Here's a title which slowly kills  itself  every time you lose a life, eventually breaking the game forever .

G+ extension lets you read / comment / share from anywhere on the web

Okay, so if you don't want to keep visiting the G+ website every time something remotely interesting happens, you should install this extension for Chrome . It places a little notification box on your app bar, and lets you post from anywhere on the web too which is the main plus point for me. Works like a charm so far.

My Current Fave Chrome Apps

Oh look, it's a Chrome App roundup post. Because if there's one thing the world needs, it's another one of those. For anyone still awake, here comes the trainwreck. 1) ActiveInbox for GMail Organises your email brilliantly, makes it easy to keep track of everything, adds a nice "to do / waiting on / done" box on the left hand side and also reminds me to use labels for mails. 2) AdBlock Plus Well, this is a no brainer. 3)   App Launcher Simple drop down box to, er, launch your apps quickly. 4)   Better Google Tasks Makes Google Tasks a heck of a lot better. Combine with ActiveInbox to round up those non email tasks and you're onto a winner. 5) CheckerPlus for Google Calendar Makes your calendar useful, as opposed to the default which I always thought sucked a fair bit. Adds a nice "coming up next, and when" countdown timer on the toolbar which is extremely useful. The desktop notification popups are the icing on the cake if

The Naked and Famous EP Hunt

Not a very long hunt, because here they are. No Light . This Machine . Stupidly cheap, and easy to download. "Dadada" is particularly brilliant, but you can listen to everything and judge for yourselves. These are somewhat tricky to get hold of if you're not in New Zealand, because they only seem to appear on their iTunes and nowhere else. The alternative is the 3 album CD, but (like me) you probably already went out, bought "Passive me, Aggressive you" then found out about the EPs. I *think* doing it this way comes out a little cheaper than the 3 CD effort anyway, so go web go. 

The Naked and Famous Spampost of Doom


Testing the link to

If all goes well, this has autoposted to from Posterous. If not, I've posted it to the GFI Labs Blog by accident and will have some serious explaining to do come Monday. Or I might just laugh about it on Twitter, who knows.

A wild template emerges!

Wow, I changed the template too. It almost looks tolerable now.

All of my crap in one place

Or, to be more accurate, lots of places. Twitter Tumblr G+ Flickr Linkedin Formspring Posterous GFI Labs Blog

One more time....

....yes, I know I bring the site back for a while, get bored, delete the thing, then bring it back again six months later. It's back for good this time, I swear. Honest.....