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Battlefield 3 Limited Edition is Limited

I picked it up, only to find the much touted "Back to Karkand" maps aren't actually included as DLC codes - no, they're included as DLC "coming soon" flyers because they don't actually arrive until sometime in the future (as the flyer put it, "when it is released". Thanks for that). I mean crap, at least give me a horrifically overpriced statue, half a soundtrack or a set of night vision goggles. I'm going to break out a marker pen and rename it the Complete Lack of Anything Extra addition.

Soundtracks and Special Editions

Oh dear, it seems people with the expensive editions of Deus Ex are rather annoyed that the Augmented Edition version only has a handful of songs. I'm a little dissapointed at how limited the Augemented Edition's soundtrack is. It's missing a ton of good tracks, almost all of the ambient music, most of the combat music, the only boss theme on it is the weakest one (Yelena's track is fantastic but Barret's is really weak), and doesn't have any of the character's liefmotifs on it, Icarus notwithstanding. The hell? - Link Fuck this. My Aug Ed has half as many songs. =/ Worst special edition ever. - Link "Well that's some fantastic gouging, advertising that the limited edition has the soundtrack when it's less than a third of the actual music, and then releasing a separate one..." "I think it's more cause people liked the OST alot and there was enough demand to warrant an actual full OST. Don't think there were

He never asked for this


Speaking at RSA Europe: I never asked for this

I've done a lot of conferences, and I expect a lot of things to go wrong when I'm on the move. It just does. However, I expect the  conference itself  to be organised and have their act together. People pay a frankly terrifying amount of money to go to these events and listen to dancing monkeys like me ramble about things for 40 minutes or so. The way I see it, the best I can do is give them something useful they might not have heard before and you better  believe  when I do my talk it is nailed to the wall to the best of my ability. So. I get told my submission - which was a reserve talk, which means it would replace someone who had been selected but died or had to pull out or whatever - is now going to be in RSA Europe. This is at the start of September, deep into conference season when I'm over in Manila for Rootcon and then I'm off to Barcelona for VB2011 shortly after that - then onto RSA. Observation: if a big corporate conference wants you to