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Posterous: The walls come tumbling down

I'll soon be playing a game of "Will all my pictures vanish", seeing as they're hosted on Posterous and said service is throwing itself off a cliff come April. Unfortunately Posterous quickly went downhill after Twitter took over, with server outages, lost data , a blog interface that would frequently time out WHILE STILL TYPING then place the blog entry into a sort of dead zone should you be brave enough to still hit publish. I reckon by a conservative estimate it'll take me the best part of the rest of my lifetime to reupload all the images should all the plugs be pulled, so hopefully Twitter / Posterous / whoever at least recognises that hundreds of thousands of blogs left pictureless is probably going to cause a bit of a grumpstorm. Let's not dwell too much on the horrific UI redesigns with mystery meat icons all over the place (that began even before Twitter grabbed them - though they certainly never made any progress with regards fixing it), baffli

Test post

Move along, nothing to see here (actually there is, Posterous is being turned off in April so I'm making sure posts here reflect elsewhere. It's all very complicated and moderately annoying).