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I have modded New Vegas right up the wazoo: Part 2

Yep, the continuing adventures of " How many mods I can add to a game before it explodes and takes half the street with it ". This time around, I've mostly focused on adding extra clothing, armour, quests, building interiors and a stack of extra people. There doesn't appear to be any real impact on the game as yet, and there are only two things I simply cannot get working (only head retextures so no big deal really). In no particular order, here's a bunch more mods I'm running. I'll cover some of the others mentioned above (like additional people and buildings) next time, as I haven't actually come across all of the content I've added yet. 1)   Wasteland Seeker Armour . Not gonna lie - this might be my favourite armour in the entire game, modded or not. You do a little quest to grab it (there's two versions, actually - the other comes with a rebreather but it's surrounded by about a million high level enemies so I don't h

New Vegas improvements go missing in the wasteland

I've been meaning to write a thing about Skyrim for a while now - or, to be more accurate, a thing about Skyrim via the barren lands of New Vegas. This review of Skyrim prompted me to write the below ramble. I think I've covered most of the things I wanted to whine about, but I may throw in the odd update. It seems to me there's a lot of things Bethesda simply ignored en route to Skyrim via the glorious path that was New Vegas. Of course, NV was put together by Obsidian and where Obsidian listened to the things players practically begged for, Bethesda seemed to throw up their hands, proclaim "didn't read lol" and just built Skyrim on the much older Fallout 3 model. Why they did this, I have no idea. Things that Skyrim was crying out for yet are somehow strangely absent: 1) Hardcore mode . How the Hell this goes AWOL from New Vegas to Skyrim I have no idea, but given all the hunting, skinning and eating you can do it seems absolutely insane that Bethesda

I have modded New Vegas right up the wazoo

Playing NV on PC instead of the console is quite an eye opener - might as well be a different game, given how much extra content you can jam in there at no added cost. This is the best of what I'm rolling with so far, with no horrible crashes or explosions in sight. I'll be looking to throw in some gameworld expansions , but I at least want to play through the official DLC before I inevitably murder the coding with deathbricks. 1) Black Wolf Backpacks . How this game didn't come ready rolled with backpacks I'll never know, but this mod adds a collection of nifty carryspace onto your frame. You can double up the large backpacks with the small bumbag thing too. (Note: giving your companion a backpack increases their carry capacity forever, but this is hardly something you're going to complain about). I'm still waiting to see the heaviest weight for sale, so I'm having to make do with the next size down for now. You can pimp out your bags here

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