I have modded New Vegas right up the wazoo


Playing NV on PC instead of the console is quite an eye opener - might as well be a different game, given how much extra content you can jam in there at no added cost. This is the best of what I'm rolling with so far, with no horrible crashes or explosions in sight. I'll be looking to throw in some gameworld expansions, but I at least want to play through the official DLC before I inevitably murder the coding with deathbricks.

1) Black Wolf Backpacks. How this game didn't come ready rolled with backpacks I'll never know, but this mod adds a collection of nifty carryspace onto your frame. You can double up the large backpacks with the small bumbag thing too. (Note: giving your companion a backpack increases their carry capacity forever, but this is hardly something you're going to complain about).

I'm still waiting to see the heaviest weight for sale, so I'm having to make do with the next size down for now. You can pimp out your bags here, though why anyone would wander the wastes of Nevada with a bright white "shoot me now" target on their back is beyond me.

2) Another "what were they thinking" fixer, the Sunny Smiles companion mod does what you'd expect it to.

As you can see, I have Cass, ED-E, Sunny and her dog tagging along too. Sunny doesn't impact on follower limits, so you can have a furious fivesome wandering the wastes (until someone is horribly murdered, anyway). I'm pretty sure you'd have to whack the difficulty up to the highest level if you're going to do this.

If you want to leave Sunny somewhere, you can tell her that location x is "your new home" and she'll wait there until you come back. You can also choose to leave the dog behind if annoying Fallout dogs aren't your thing (and nobody will ever replace Dogmeat anyway, not even his puppies).

3) New Vegas Bounties. This is a fun one, giving you twenty something "go forth and shoot that asshole" type missions to play around with. You go see some guy in a shack who tells you about the target and a general idea of where to go next, then off you go to slaughter what appears to be Robin Williams from his spot in Night at the Museum. The humanity.

The missions take you to lots of locations that originally screamed "horribly underused". Like this one.

The loot is pretty interesting too, with custom guns and off the beaten track clothing. You're not just stomping around shooting people, either - the structure resembles typical NV quests, talking to various characters to pick up more info as you go. The voicework seems pretty solid, with only one character so far sounding like he was voiced by a 14 year old squeaking into a microphone.

There's a second mission pack once you get through the first lot, available here.

4) Nordic Gear. I missed the old "find this awesome armour loot" missions from FO3 (did NV even have any of these? Can't remember) so this one fills the spot nicely. The loot is found in various locations across the map, with some of the best bits hidden in a certain location which I've yet to find.

I bought this for Cass.

It's really quite badass.

Flee! Flee from Darkseid!

Yeah, I'm pretty taken by this coat in case you hadn't noticed.

..uh...anyway. Coats.

5) FO3 has a better radio than NV. Mr New Vegas is nowhere near as interesting as Three Dog, and I now have a pathological aversion to Johnny motherfucking Guitar like you wouldn't believe. This mod here is a port from FO3, complete with scripted radio presenter and a whole bunch of public service announcement warnings from, uh, people.

Unfortunately, the search for a decent NV station continues. 2 hours 20 minutes of classic music is only a good thing if it isn't 2 hours 20 minutes of the same four songs over and over again. You may fare better with it than I did, so good luck.

6) 100 outfits. If you're bored with everybody dressing the same, then this is a good mod to have. It seems adding this causes characters to change their own clothing, but I haven't seen this happen yet. When installed, some of the shops will start trying to flog you different kinds of outfits, all of which come with modifiers to things like perception, agility etc. I kinda like this one:

You also end up with some old dude in the Goodsprings store. He doesn't say much, but he does sell combat jackets that give you bonuses to shooting and survival.


Remember how much you liked the roving trader outfit but hated having to remove it due to it not having any damage resistance at all?

Yeah, this will fix that little problem.

There's helmets too, and of course it all comes in different colours. Thanks, weird old man!

7) Pimp my scarf. This one lets you pick up a snazzy face wrap / scarf and, uh, wrap your face with it. They come in "face hidden" and "face not hidden" varieties.

Of course, the smart cookie will ensure they optimise for all out stealth and combine the right scarf with the right set of custom clothing.

I am going to die swiftly and horribly.


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