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I’ve just returned home from Boston, having taken part in one of the most interesting, original and awesome conferences I’ve ever seen. Step up Hackidcon , a conference geared towards “providing an interactive, hands-on experience for kids and their parents which includes things like staying safe online, how the internet works, manipulating hardware / software for fun, meeting law enforcement, low impact martial arts, podcast creation, Makerbot building” and an awful lot more to boot. I’ll be honest, I wasn’t sure if it would go without a hitch or end up like a scene from 28 Days Later. However, I’ve seen adult conferences that haven’t run as smoothly as this one. Turns out you CAN fill a Microsoft Research Center with small children and watch them learn about security basics, technology, programming languages like KODU, building things and the many, many definitions of what a “hacker” can be and what those same hackers can do in a positive manner. Plus, we had