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Current Status

A few things: 1) Yes, I'm aware I haven't posted in aaaages. I admit, I was surprised by the length of time gone. On the other hand, I changed jobs close to Xmas which is never a sensible time to change anything and I had a bunch of other stuff to sort out alongside it. Then I had to deal with six alien invasions, rescue a kidnapped Eastern European Prince and...uh...look, I just forgot. Or something. 2) The new blog is over here . 3) It isn't really the "new blog", given I've been writing on it for close to seven months and LOOK I FORGOT. 4) The publishing interface is still a bit rubbish. Also thanks to Posterous dying , my worst fears have come true and nearly all old images uploaded via Posterous have vanished. I will get around to fixing it eventually, but oh man that's a lot of blog posts to dick around with. True story: uploading images to blogs is the slowest, most painful experience of blogging you will ever come across. 5) Don't go

Videogames: The Hacking Edition

I did an interview with Gamespot a while back on the subject of hacking in videogames. Off the back of this, I wrote a piece on the history of hacking in videogames. If you'd like to see some of my favourites (alongside a few "What were they thinking" efforts) then here comes Christmas .