About me

I'm a 7 time Microsoft MVP in Consumer Security and former Director of Research for FaceTime Security Labs. I've presented at RSA, InfoSec Europe and SecTor, and have been thanked by Google for my contributions to responsible disclosure in their Hall of Fame.
I've been credited with finding the first rootkit in an Instant Messaging hijack, the first example of a rogue browser installing without permission, the first DIY Botnet creation kit for Twitter and have a strong interest in videogame security [1], [2].

I also managed to blag an appearance on Newsround, which is clearly the real press win here.

I've long since stopped collecting links to things I've discovered, but here's a sample from 2005 - 2010.

I primarily blog about security threats, and have previously researched / written for:

FaceTime Security Labs
Sunbelt Software
GFI Software
ThreatTrack Security Labs

I now work for Malwarebytes as a Lead Malware Intelligence Analyst, and you can read my work on the Malwarebytes Lab blog where I double up as the head of the Blog Team. In the last 3 years, we've won 3 Best Corporate Blog awards [1], [2], [3], and I'm fortunate to be working with some of the best writers and researchers in the business.

Obligatory Twitter link.

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