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Salisbury Road, Hong Kong

No trip to Hong Kong would be complete without a visit to the below locations. Here's a handy diorama, or whatever you call them. No idea. The big round object is the Hong Kong Space Museum. The large building south of that is the Art Museum, and the triangle shaped thing that is clearly a Star Trek vessel in disguise is the Cultural Centre with a gallery, music events and a shop that has a book where Bruce Lee sports the hair of a Werewolf. On the left hand side is the place where you get the ferry - OH MY UPCOMING BLOG ENTRY FORESHADOWING - but today is all about the arty stuff. So hey, the Hong Kong Museum of Art. It's ludicrously cheap to get in, and there's some amazing things on display - all manner of statues, paintings, clothing, calligraphy and more besides. Unfortunately, I can't show you any pictures from inside the building because there are signs everywhere demanding "no photos due to copyright". I'm pretty sure Han Dynas

I have to mash the Nirnroot with the what now?

I have no idea what ingredients make specific potions in Skyrim. At least that was the case until I heard about Enter your ingredients and it'll tell you what horrible mess will come out the other end. Sweet.

A jaunt through the land of Oblivion

I'm about seven hundred years late to the party but I've started playing Oblivion on the PC and am taking random screenshots of my journey through the place that isn't Skyrim. Link here .

One does not simply walk into Mirador

Given the choice of staying in Chungking Mansions or Mirador Mansion , the clear winner was Mirador due to it not popping up as often in the "something horrible has happened" news report stakes. Mirador is a huge slab of apartments all looped around a building that's seen better days. Slap bang in the most interesting part of Tsim Sha Tsui , dodging people selling fake watches and working out where the lifts are is your first port of call. Going inside, you'll see security guards everywhere and about three floors worth of shops selling electronics and slightly terrible clothing. Of course, all of that pales in insignificance when placed next to posters telling you a window fell out. Enjoy reenacting The Omen, kids! You're probably bored of looking at storefronts now, so here's a picture of the security screens for the elevators. If you ever watched Chungking Express - and HOW COULD YOU NOT HAVE - the little monitor thing will be

From Istanbul to Hong Kong

Recently I went to Hong Kong, and a fun time was had by all (apart from the bit where it was freezing up a mountain, that sucked). Here are some random shots of Istanbul airport, because look at this guy. Every now and again he took out a big metal stick thing and did something to the ice cream with it. I'd suggest "stir", but it all looked a bit more complicated than that. Elsewhere, I stumbled upon a bookshop selling endless copies of a book with gun kicking action adorning the cover: If you're wondering who he is, Wikipedia will enlighten you because I haven't got a clue. Nice threads though. After leaving the bookshop (and I really had to, because everything was in Turkish) I thought I'd wandered onto the set of Mass Effect when I saw this amazing hologram woman rambling on about all the planes I could be missing: As it turns out, she's just a projection on a bit of board so that was a little bit of a let down. Directly opposite lot

Skyrim: Save 348

I decided to do a straightforward bounty mission in Skyrim: go kill a collection of bandits at Silent Moons Camp. Fortunately I saved just before attempting the mission, and so it came to pass that Save 348 is now my favourite save of all time. Stealth would be the name of the game here; kitted out in light armour, my silent sneaky boots and a shedload of invisibility potions I had this all mapped out. I'd head out just before evening with Lydia and my horse along for the ride, keeping them at a safe distance in case I needed to mix it up a little. That was the plan. Then this happened. Oh dear, Lydia is being attacked by a sabre cat. Well, no worries - the entrance to the camp is on the other side of that big wall down a rather steep slope, so we can polish this guy off then make our way around. I'll just get off the horse and help her out with- ...oh look, a huge bear has appeared and is running at my face with his teeth out. At this point, Lydia has just