Current Status

A few things:

1) Yes, I'm aware I haven't posted in aaaages. I admit, I was surprised by the length of time gone. On the other hand, I changed jobs close to Xmas which is never a sensible time to change anything and I had a bunch of other stuff to sort out alongside it. Then I had to deal with six alien invasions, rescue a kidnapped Eastern European Prince and...uh...look, I just forgot. Or something.

2) The new blog is over here.

3) It isn't really the "new blog", given I've been writing on it for close to seven months and LOOK I FORGOT.

4) The publishing interface is still a bit rubbish. Also thanks to Posterous dying, my worst fears have come true and nearly all old images uploaded via Posterous have vanished. I will get around to fixing it eventually, but oh man that's a lot of blog posts to dick around with. True story: uploading images to blogs is the slowest, most painful experience of blogging you will ever come across.

5) Don't go Googling for Peep Show slashfic.


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