My Current Fave Chrome Apps

Oh look, it's a Chrome App roundup post. Because if there's one thing the world needs, it's another one of those.

For anyone still awake, here comes the trainwreck.

1) ActiveInbox for GMail

Organises your email brilliantly, makes it easy to keep track of everything, adds a nice "to do / waiting on / done" box on the left hand side and also reminds me to use labels for mails.

2) AdBlock Plus

Well, this is a no brainer.

3)  App Launcher

Simple drop down box to, er, launch your apps quickly.

4)  Better Google Tasks

Makes Google Tasks a heck of a lot better. Combine with ActiveInbox to round up those non email tasks and you're onto a winner.

5) CheckerPlus for Google Calendar

Makes your calendar useful, as opposed to the default which I always thought sucked a fair bit. Adds a nice "coming up next, and when" countdown timer on the toolbar which is extremely useful. The desktop notification popups are the icing on the cake if (like me) you forget to go check the calendar all the time.

6) Currency Converter

Best one I've seen, you can add a bunch of your most commonly used currencies and it'll remember them. Just hit the button on the toolbar, the box appears and when you fill in one currency slot they'll all auto update to the correct converted amounts. Awesome!

7) Google Translate pad

Best translate pad I've seen, remembers the text you enter and works like a charm. Also has a "swap language" button so no fiddling around when trying to switch around your selected languages.

8) Calendar and Countdown

Best countdown timer I've seen for Chrome. Lists number of days left on the toolbar, and clicking it brings up a calendar that will tell you all sorts of useful info depending on which day you hover over.

9)  Taskforce

 Use ActiveInbox for email based tasks, Better Google Tasks for random, not so important stuff and this for anything which would find adding comments to a "Tasks: work in progress" webpage handy. 3% increase in productivity ahoy!

10)  Writespace

If you're sick of having ten notepads open on the desktop, just use this. No frills text editor, saves everything as you write it and tells you how many words (and other things) at the bottom of the page. Particularly useful if your stupid blog software decides to crash (or your browser explodes) and everything is lost. Hey, it happens.

11) Session Buddy

Saves a collection of open tabs into a group, meaning you don't have a ton of crap all over the place every minute of the day. I don't even bother with bookmarks since I started using this.


A toolbar based clock that shows me the time for the timezone I want, and not the one I'm in set to my local time. Best one I've found so far is this, but even then it shows my local time on the toolbar and I have to click to bring up the non local time. Somebody must know of an app that does this?


Kevin said…
Very nice list and I just got done installing most of them. Really excited about ActiveInbox. A couple that I find very useful are:


Smooth Gestures

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