My first earthquake drill

I got to take part in my first ever earthquake drill. It's basically a fire alarm drill with one entertaining addition but we'll get to that later. For now, all you need to know is some dude ushers you out of your room, then out through the fire escape door - slamming it shut behind you, with the sound of a lock catching. I'm not sure what would happen if I suddenly needed to go back the way I came, but whatever. The plan now is to dash down about a zillion sets of stairs:

Someone saw a cockroach up on twelve


Just a few more floors. Probably.

Unfortunately, the ledge thing signifying a new floor pretty much took the top of my head off as it was way too low. That would be one of these things:

Mind your head. Oh, too late.

I was making good progress despite my smashed up skull, although I was a little bit startled (mostly confused) when some random hotel dude jumped out at me on floor eight, pointed and yelled "DAT BLING, SIR" then jumped back behind his door.

What I didn't know was the place was also scheduled for a fogging, which means people come in the place up with insect killing smoke stuff. So of course I was halfway down the endless staircase when this happened:

The sweet smell of escape. Uh, sorta.

Yeah, that was super. Things improved significantly when I reached the lobby:

I'm somewhere where I don't know where I am

At least, I think it was the lobby. It could have been a sauna with a bunch of naked dudes in it for all I knew. Anyway, stumbling out into the daylight rewarded me with a trip to a nearby carpark as everybody lined up and stood around while names were taken (along with photographs. I guess those get put up in the lobby, assuming all the fog stuff eventually clears up). Strangely, we had a shotgun dude strolling around while they did their headcount. Somebody must have decided the ultimate repellent to an earthquake is a big ass dude with a shotgun.

Night Vision Goggles would have been better...


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