My trip to the SM Mall of Asia

On the same day this dude hiked his way up the tallest peak in Indochina, I was wandering around one of the biggest malls in the World because that's just how I roll. A lot of these pictures are blurry to some degree, as a huge mall with anything up to 200,000 people marching through it in a day under poor lighting conditions isn't ideal (and my camera sucks - yes, I'm blaming the tools) but in a nutshell most of the four buildings glued together to make this mall look all shiny like this:

The place is stuffed with every kind of shop / resto / cinema / ice rink and dog show you could imagine. Wait, ice rink and dog show? Yep.

Apparently they also have firework displays here every night too. You know what? YOUR MALL WINS. Random snapshot time:

Tokyo Cafe

At the entrance, they have a pretty amazing LEGO map of the Philippines:

LEGO Map Action

Elsewhere, bookshops and comic shops were common (although many stores with "comics" in the name carried no comics at all, only shirts, bags and statues). Have some Iron Man and an oddly proportioned Vader anyway.

Nobody seemed interested in the Thor model at all. Oh well, sucks to be him. We spent a few hours wandering around, I grabbed some cheap shoes (don't ask), bought some books and ate some food - as you might expect, the surface was barely scratched and repeat visits will be in order (especially as Captain America only seems to be playing here and nowhere else....huh?)

For now, have some blurry cake and the promise of a few more mall related writeups.

Om nom? NOM.


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