Not the ending I was looking for...

I recently picked up the doctor who graphic novel humble bundle forgot to post this blog an absolute age ago, and was particularly looking forward to "The girl who loved doctor who". The short version of the story is the doctor of the comics crosses over into our universe and is mistaken for Matt Smith,  goes to a convention and spends most of his time with a ten year old called Emma.

It comes out in the wash that she's being bullied by a rather large douchecanoe, and of course we're expecting to see him get his just desserts at the end. Imagine my surprise when - spoilers - the "solution" to this problem is that Emma lures him to a nearby house and has him punch her in the face really, really hard. The idea is that the school head lives there, sees this take place and kicks him out of school.

In practice, we see a really rather shocking panel of this girl getting a right old fist in the face which is totally at odds with the whimsy of the previous 30 something pages of comic, and a headmistress telling this guy he's on the "verge" of being suspended.

The verge. So he could in theory get away with it and stuff her head down the toilet on Monday. Maybe it's just me but I think I'd have preferred to see the TARDIS land on him or something.

What is this resolution telling us? That the doctor who inspired way is to roll over and allow the antagonist to strike the first blow but it's okay really because you scored a (worthless) moral victory?

The last panel is Emma trying to smile with an "I won" expression, except that's hard to do with one eye punched in. Am I to think that if the doctor in this comic had witnessed this take place he'd be all "Yeah that was a great plan, well done?"

Of course he wouldn't.

Great story with clever ideas, but a sour ending which suggests the only way a small ten year old girl can triumph over a large and thuggish brute is to take one for the team.

No thanks.


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