Behold, a movie unicorn

Unlike half the twenty somethings screaming about how the new Ghostbusters movie "ruins their childhood" despite not actually being around at the time the original film was showing, I can actually lay claim to being someone who went to see it first time around. Additionally, I was a child at the time and - shocker - it was the first movie I was taken to the cinema to see.

I still have hugely fond memories of the trip to and from the cinema, the queue around the block, the weird black and white printed booklet sized "magazine" which was a small insert about the film and pages of local shop advertisements.

The actual movie, I don't remember so much - but the moment the Librarian did her thing is deeply etched into my brain and will probably never leave. Unrelated side note, but the only other film I went to see which had the same level of festival around it on a personal level was Batman 89, except stretched over an entire Summer.

Anyway, chalk me up as another kid who had all the Ghostbuster toys, made a Proton pack out of a cereal box, some string and toilet rolls before eventually upgrading to the foam pop gun. The Real Ghostbusters was great; turning it into "Slimer and Friends" (or whatever it was that they did) was not.

I was quite excited to see the new trailer, but then I saw it and...uh...well. Are those jokes the things to sell it? They're a bit flat, aren't they? It's the usual mishmash joke pot pourri of fart gags, stop the music and say random stuff jokes, and "it went in every crack..."

The international trailer was even worse, and introduced all new dumb stuff into the mix:

1) Did script writers really sit down, write the "second person stage dives, isn't caught" and scream "YES! WE HAVE COMEDY GOLD HERE"?

I mean, come on...that's been done to death and back. It's the very first go-to thing you'd have in this situation. I'd be more surprised and / or laugh if she'd been caught.

2) The closing "gag" with the boob swinging MS Paint drawing? Yeah uh no. Whatever good will they managed to dredge up with the second trailer just died a death right then and there.

It's hard to judge a film on a two minute trailer, but then that's what trailers are there for. If you're going to show me your movie trailer, then it's up to you to make it as good as it can be. For now, this doesn't look very good. But hey, that's fine - contrary to popular belief, your prized Ghostbusters DVDs won't set themselves on fire should the new film tank.

At some point, it's best to say "This isn't for me and I'm not the target audience" and move on.


Unknown said…
I never try to watch this movie.

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