What I bought - and played - from the Steam Sale

The best of the best from the recent Steam Sale. I bought a lot of stuff, but I'm only mentioning things I've played since picking them up.

1) One Finger Death Punch

All you do is hit left or right. "All you do".

If you think your reflexes are up there with Neo then feel free to give this a shot. It's like Space Channel 5 with punching.

2) Doom 3 BFG Edition

You have to understand, playing this game all those years ago freaked me the hell out, even while running it on an underpowered Pentium 2 (or whatever it was). I never managed to get more than a few hours in before saying "nope" loudly and doing something else instead. Weirdly it feels like I'm cheating in the new edition due to being able to wave the torch and the gun around at the same time. I'm too fast. I should be more sluggish. Maybe that's just the Pentium 2 talking.

3) Ghost Control Inc.

Okay, a bit of a cheat here because I don't remember if I bought this in the sale or just prior to it starting. I don't really care, because it's fantastic. Remember the map screen from the old Ghostbusters game on the Atari 2600? Take that and mash it up with XCOM style ghost battles and you have a great little game. I mean, look at it:

4) Super Amazing Wagon Adventure

oh my god

5) Knights of Pen and Paper +1 Edition

There's meta, and there's this. If I have this right, you play regular people dressed as fantasy characters playing  tabletop RPG where they're attacked by fake real fake monsters. Or something. You also gain stat boost by pimping out the Dungeon Master's pad, and it has a TARDIS in it. How do you not own this game, basically.

6) One Way Heroics

Take Groundhog Day, the left-to-right chase mechanic of FTL and a chatty fairy. This is the game you'll end up with. If you're bored of endless yakking with characters in RPGs, you'll love this because it's a little bit like a solo Marathon (albeit with swords and the occasional monster). How far can you run?

With the exception of Doom, none of the above are AAA+ games. To be honest most of the big titles available right now look like they'll bore me to tears so these are a welcome addition to the ranks. I'd ask you what you bought and played, but I'd be amazed if there's anybody still out there.

Is this thing on


Unknown said…
The best part of Doom 3 BFG is Doom 1 & 2. I got it a while ago, and I haven't touched Doom 3 yet.

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