Payday 2: doing something with the safehouse and encouraging stealthy gameplay

Problem: I have a safehouse and a ton of offshore money / loot stashed in said safehouse. At present I can't do much with either.

How to make them more interactive?

The dev team are going to bring in safehouse customisation, but I don't want to just spend thousands of dollars making it look nice. I wonder if it's possible to do the following:

1) More than one safehouse. maybe 3 or 4. I don't really care if they all look the same.

2) It makes sense that the police would be constantly looking for your safehouse / money. The less stealthy you are in accumulated missions, the more likely they are to find your safehouse.

3) Imagine being in a heist and getting message that one of your safehouses is being raided. Do you bail and go to defend it or finish the job you're on?

4) The safehouse customisation should be about shoring up the safehouse. The more cash you spend, the harder it is to breach (locked doors, metal doors the cops can't shoot open and / or drill, barriers, traps, tripmines, glass / boarded / shuttered windows etc.

5) You have to decide which safehouse(s) to keep all your money in, and maybe your safehouse(s) can only hold so much loot so you have to split it up between the ones you have until you can upgrade them. Given how much offshore money you're likely to have, upgrading should be multi tiered and cost serious amounts of offshore money. This would mean you don't just end up with millions and millions of offshore cash and would constantly have to keep dipping into it to be able to make more down the line.

All of the above results in 3 things:

1) It makes the safehouse(s) play an active role in the game, and gives a point to customising them.

2) It gives a reward / incentive to go stealth and not just shoot everything up.

3) If you decide to bail on a heist, you could bring your current crew to help defend and they get a share of some of your cash as a reward (offshore or otherwise).

4) It would increase the feeling of always being on the run.

Here endeth my idea.


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