10 thoughts on The Wolverine (spoilers)

1) It's good to see Poison Ivy still getting work.

2) Did they even giver her a name? I thought I heard "Viper" but I could be wrong. Hot damn, that costume is terrible. Wait, she's peeling off her skin. Oh boy, she's going to look like a lizard or a snake underne-

...nope, she looks like a bald woman. Uh, okay.

3) I was massively excited to see a SEGA sign. Shush.

4) "We're going to remind you Logan has been depowered by having him shot every ten minutes."

5) His depowering is kinda weird, isn't it? He can't regenerate but he can jump around on trains and bounce all over the screen? Worst most expensive power sapping spider robots ever.

6) Why didn't he bleed to death when his claws came out? #nerdynitpickbutwhatever

7) Rila Fukushima was the best thing in the film, and she's written out for a huge chunk of it in the middle.

8) "We're going to remind you Logan has regained his powers by having him stabbed like fifty times in five minutes."

9) Good job that Japanese guy had his head conveniently located in the body of the robot instead of the helmet, right?

10) Not content with writing Fukushima out of a significant chunk of the movie, she also manages to vanish from the post credits sequence. At the very least, she should stand a good chance of appearing in the next one.


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