Let's watch a movie together...while in different Continents

Watching a movie together when you're 7,000 miles away is tricky, but not impossible.

Step 1: Syncronise watches.


That kinda helps.

Step 2: Find places that are a) showing the movie you both want to watch at the same time despite the difference in timezones, and b) are likely to play roughly the same amount of adverts and other junk before the movie. This can actually be somewhat problematic - if one of you is watching a regular screen and the other is in IMAX, the IMAX pre-movie garbage is likely to be twice as long as they spend about 40 minutes beating you over the head with how awesome everything is (and even then, some IMAX screens will vary drastically depending on the cinema chain).

The most we've been out was about twenty minutes or so for Spider-Man (look ma! A hyphen!) and something like 2 minutes difference for The Dark Knight Rises WHICH I AM PRETTY IMPRESSED WITH, BY THE WAY.

The seven (and, sometimes, eight) hour time difference requires a bit of forward planning to get around work hours at one end and "oh dear it's 3AM" at the other end. It can be done, however.

Step 3: Sit down and pretend someone is sitting next to you. If someone actually is sitting next to you, bonus.

Meanwhile, 7,000 miles away I find my seat after clanging around inside a fire exit for ten minutes.

Step 4: Switch off phones (because they don't like you sitting there with phones out going "lol i'm sitting down now are you" on your IM) and watch the movie.


Step 6: Exit movie, switch on phone and send ten "has it finished yet" messages.

And that, my friends, is how you watch a movie together while in different Continents. I can confirm that the humorous trick involving a bucket of popcorn doesn't work so well when sitting on your own though.


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