Did you see Vent Kid on the Citadel?

I did.

There are people out there who think the ending to Mass Effect 3 is actually one big fakeout, and from the point where Shepard is hit by the beam onward nothing is real and its all a piece of attempted Indoctrination by the Reapers.

A lot of debate is framed around whether or not That Stupid Kid(TM) at the start of the game is real or not.

For example, why is Shepard the only one that reacts to him? Why did the kid go from the roof of one tall building, climb up the inside of another tall building in a VENT, say "you can't help me" then crawl back down again?

Okay, that last one could just be bad writing but anyway.

While the below doesn't solve the supposed mystery of indoctrination theories, this does perhaps address the question of whether That Stupid Kid(TM) is a real stupid kid or a pretend stupid kid.

I was wandering around the Citadel and decided to take a look at the tribute wall. I'm not sure if the pictures there change over time, but this is from the start of the game:

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See anything? Sure you do. Directly to the right of my FemShep there's two framed photographs.

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Boom, one stupid Vent Kid. "Last seen on Earth".  I did wonder if I had a case of mistaken identity, but that stupid face (first picture down) is forever burnt into my brain as the ultimate symbol of how to trash a franchise in ten minutes or less so there we go.

On the bright side, this probably means Vent Kid died horribly in the introduction.

So there's that.


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