Officer down, food everywhere

Oh hey, it's looking at pictures of food time. Read this blog entry when starving for maximum annoyance.

There's no real way to take a picture of this without making it look like "some stuff on some chicken", but the KFC Ala King Supreme bowl is amazing. A ton of rice, two decent slabs of chicken and THIS SAUCE, MAN.

Next up, I've been munching on this frozen yoghurt stuff from Red Mango. I don't get to eat this very often, so it's always fun to over indulge and rub it all over my face and limbs until I'm a big frozen yoghurt monster belching frogurt all over your kitchen or whatever.

Beware: this can cause brain freeze like nothing else I've eaten. And I lick frozen pipes in the winter.

I went to TGIF Fridays for takeout, but I was somewhat terrified by the staff breaking into dance routines both inside and outside the building - to the extent you couldn't even get out properly due to ten of them doing a weird Michael Jackson dance battle on the steps leading out. I managed to knock one of their hats to the floor, though that was entirely accidental.

To be honest, the wacky dancing and slightly forced WOO WE ARE HAVING FUN LOOK AT US DANCE WOO thing is off putting, but then maybe I'm just a grumpy old fart.

Next up: some Vietnamese thing, which may well be kung pao chicken and rice. With green bits.


What do we have here? A slightly generic looking "great googly moogly stop with all the rich food and give me something a little bland and crap looking" meal?


The red splat was nice.

Kicking it up a gear - which wouldn't be hard, really - we have a place where they set your food on fire and you have to try and put it out before it burns your face off.

I totally dickballed myself in the face with a spoon hotter than the surface of the sun, too. The food itself was some meaty thing with rice and aargh arrgh argh oh god my mouth aaargh etc.

It's okay though, because they gave me this afterwards:

The sand was a nice touch. What? Oh right, cheesecake mix or something.

This is the part where I bring it on home, and show you my grotesque excesses with a stack of cream filled pancakes and the biggest dessert I've ever been handed.

No not the face, not the...oh go on then.

This is like one of those awful meme pics where they zoom in on the image until it becomes funny, except in this case I only have two images and they're both different so it probably won't be.

The only way I could bump up my fatty fat pants food intake here would be if I had a huge root beer float thing going on.

I am worse than Hitler.


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