Twitter have a brain fart

One of the most baffling changes I've ever seen made to a service.

What change? Well, Twitter have canned the (shocking useful) Retweet column in favour of...well...this.

Yes, you too can watch random pictures of heads pop up in a stream filled with messages about person x following person y. Hooray for the all new Activity column!

Why would I care about someone following somebody else? It's almost impossible to keep track of retweets by both yourself and others - in fact, it's like some weird stalkery fetish app from Facebook mashed up with an OTT image preview from Flickr.

I'm genuinely struggling to think who this benefits, or why Twitter deemed it necessary to REPLACE a totally fine feature with....this. It isn't even along the same lines as a Retweet column - and your @ column is now filling up with needless crapola too (a "show mentions only" tickbox?)

Stop trying to make something simple that works overly complicated that doesn't.


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