Here's the blog about the cool thing I did.

Here's the analysis of that game I'd been meaning to write.

Here's the storify of the fifty tweets about that thing which pissed me off.

Here's the photoblog of the funniest taxi names I've seen in the Philippines.

Here's the alt take on the security conference I went to where I fell asleep during the keynote and missed all the talks.

Here's the one where I embed an instagram pic and describe in detail what I was doing that day.

Here's the one where I got back to writing music and posted up a bunch of my stuff for you to listen to.

Here's the post with all the old board games I found in the attic, including Key to the Kingdom, Ghost Castle and a magnetized Popeye chessboard something or other.

Here's the one where fuck this guy.

Here's the one where fuck that guy.

Here's the fad where I do a return to comics and complain about DC for six months.

Here's the post about Sontarans and strawberries.

Here's my movies of 2012....13.....14.....oops

Here's the one where I tell you I fixed all the missing Posterous images (I haven't).

Here's the one where I tell you I changed publishing platforms (I haven't).

Here's the one with the music I'm now listening to because all my bands went away.

Here's another videogame thing.

Here's the rage post about how utterly terrible ISPs in Manila are when it comes to setting up SIM based internet sticks.

Here's the then and now post about Uplay and how it still makes no sense to me whatever.

Here's the one about the woman who keeps singing in a nearby club with a repertoire of six songs, all of them consistently terrible.

Here's the blog about the upcoming trips I'm going on which I shall surely publish.

Here's the one about the awful "report people recording movies on their phone in the cinema for a reward" adverts, complete with stupid slide whistle sound effects.

Here's the one about the gaming laptop juggernaut that lasted six months then took six weeks to repair.

Here's a top ten list of things.

Here's the one where this post is a lot shorter.

I think that's me caught up now. I'll assume we're cool like Fonzy.


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